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BergerBond® M1 is a SMP hardwood-floor adhesive, with a wide and excellent range of application, featuring high-quality materials.


BergerBond M1 Adhesive

BergerBond M1 adhesive from from  Berger-Seidle is offered by Creative Wood Solutions as a SMP, (Silyl Modified Polymer), hardwood-floor adhesive with a wide and excellent range of applications.  BergerBond features a premiere, high-quality silane-modified polyurethane raw materials; hardelastic.  BergerBond is  suited for the non-tension gluing of solid wood and solid wood planks, mosaic, strip and pre-finished wood flooring. Suits also for the gluing of most exotic woods and industrial wood flooring. BergerBond M1 is solvent-free, contains no water and is suitable for chair casters. BergerBond M1P allows form-stable, quick and secure gluing.

BergerBond M1 is an adhesive recommended for strip parquet, solid wood floors, (t<22 mm l<2200mm), two-layer parquet and three-layer parquet. The product can also generally be used for adhering mosaic parquet, upright multi-layer parquet, solid wooden boards (bigger formats), wood block paving (WE/RE), and most exotic woods, however, the use of BergerBond M1P is preferable with these. The product is also suitable for underfloor heating, chair castors and is sound insulated. It is solvent-free, contains no water and is free of softening interactions with other Berger-Seidle sealing systems – and is overall very low in emissions at the EC1 level. In addition, BergerBond M1 is characterized by a very high bond strength, quick initial adhesion and strong, rapid hardening. BergerBond M1 allows loss-free, quick, hard-elastic and safe gluing.

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Product Details


Shelf Life:
18 months*


Process. / Laying Time:
25-35 min.**

Fit For Further Work:
12 hrs.**


Flash-Off Time:

Floor Heating:

3 us fl gal (3 x 1 us fl gal bag)
400 oz (20 x 20 us fl oz sausages)

Certificates / Approvals

BergerBond BergerBond BergerBond BergerBond BergerBond BergerBond


Technical Data Sheet (EN)

Technical Data Sheet (ES)

Technical Data Sheet (FR)

Safety Data Sheet (EN)

Certificate EC1

Certificate Blauer Engel

Certificate AbZ-Z (DE)


Certificates / Approvals Blauer Engel: ATFA: Compliant Product Giscode: RS10 Emicode: EC1 AbZ-Nr. Z-155.10-457 Specifications Components: SMP Clarity: colored Scent: unoffensive Density: 8.61 lb/gal Packaging: 3×1 Gal 20×20 us fl oz .  Coverage: 50-90 sf/gal Stability: do not freeze.

Dry Time: 12 hrs.

Classification: hard elastic

Shelf Life: 18 months

Flash Point: N / A

For further details please refer to MSDS. Technical data Mixing ratio: not applicable Processing/Laying time: 25-35 min. Fit for walking on after: 3-5 h Fit for further work after: 12 h Final hardness after: 48 h Flash-off time: no Suitable for in-floor heating: yes Shear Strength approx. 230 PSI Moisture Levels: on concrete: up to 14lbs per 24hrs per SF und 92% rF, pH <12 Shear elongation: >1

All data are based on standard climate (73,4°C and 50% rel. humidity). If the conditions differ from this standard, the times will differ too!


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1 us fl gal bag, 20 us fl oz sausages