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EcoSilver is an AquaChoice water-based 1-component wood floor finish for medium traffic areas with a very good price-performance ratio. Based on selected acrylic/polyurethane dispersion, this 1-component wood floor finish offers great properties and work-ability. The strong, real-world performance of three different gloss levels is outstanding in the industry.


EcoSilver AquaChoice from Berger-Seidle and Creative Wood Solutions

EcoSilver is a fast drying, one-component waterborne finish formulated for hardwood floor surfaces.  EcoSilver was developed to function as both a sealer and top coat system. It provides excellent durability and performance.  AquaChoice EcoSilver is ready to use, user-friendly and environmentally safe.  AquaSeal® EcoSilver generally has good adhesion on various substrates such as AquaSeal® FlexPrimer, AquaSeal® ExoBloc.  The use of SolvSeal UniQuickPrimer is also technically possible.

Application Instructions

Shake well before use. After final sanding and screening to a 100/120 grit, the surface to be treated must be completely clean and dry.  AquaChoice EcoSilver can be applied by roller, brush or T-bar applicator. Use clean tools. Apply in 3 uniform coats allowing each previous coat to dry sufficiently. Screening after each coat is not necessary but recommended for a smoother final coat.

EcoSilver can be applied in rich, uniform coats with care being taken to apply in the direction of the wood grain, especially on turns and when cutting in. Avoid irregular application of finish. Do not apply more than 2 coats on any given day. Previously opened containers should be used as base coats and screened before final coating.

AquaChoice EcoSilver can not be applied at temperatures below 55° F. Tacking is not necessary, but recommended. Use water for tool clean-up immediately after finishing.  A sufficient dry can be obtained within 2 hours with a constant temperature of 70° F and 50% relative air humidity.  Do not re-coat before the previous coat is sufficiently dry. At this time the surface can be screened and carefully walked on.  Insufficient ventilation, lower temperatures, increased coat thickness and erratic air humidity may prolong sufficient drying.

Allow to cure for 8-14 days before covering with carpets, applying waterborne maintenance products or exposing to traffic. Furniture and other heavy objects can be set up within the next day but must be done carefully.

Safety Precautions
Do not use for sputtering or spraying. Keep out of reach of children. Residual quantities should not be poured into sewage water drains, but disposed of in compliance with local, provincial/state,and federal regulations.

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Shelf Life:
12 months*


Dry Time:
30-120 min.**


Sheens :
ultramat, matt/satin, semigloss

1 us fl gal (boxes of 3)

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 15 cm